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9:00 AM

5 km


6:29 mi


141 lb
176 bpm
186 bpm


14 C

Race Result

65 / 713 (9.1%)
10 / 82 (12.2%)
62 / 491 (12.6%)
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Bushy Parkrun

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Beautiful day. arrived nice and early and did the usual prep, then everyone started gathering so I just went and stood close to where I thought the start was and people started piling around. without knowing it I was at the front!

then the organisers gave their usual schpeil and we were off, the first 1k or so is on grass, pretty uneven in places and not used to running on that kind of surface so I guess sub-conciously ran carefully but soon it turns onto one of the gravel paths and I gained a bit of confidence maybe over-doing the pace a little during mile 2 but all pretty comfortable, didn't really get into a breathing stride till halfway through mile 2 and noticed that although my legs were going very easily I seem to have a much lower stride frequency than the people running a similar pace. during mile 3 I guess my hr breathing hit the top and I was wavering around because of that, there must be a point in the future when it's my legs that can't go faster. garmin time 20:07 which is a 1:49 pb wooo hooo. have to see what my official time and placements were later.