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2:45 PM

5.7 mi


7:02 mi


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This was my first run back after the two week break. I didn't run at all but I was very eager to get back on my feet. I started the run with the guys at about 6:35ish pace because we were doing a more aerobic day. I instantly felt my knees begin to ache and my toes feeling sore throughout the whole run. I dropped back to a slower pace and promised myself that this will obviously not be a norm for the winter, I simply just don't want to be stupid and get an injury too early on. I eased into it gradually and my knees started to feel better but my form was absolute garbage. Not to mention the cramps going on as well through the whole run. Thankfully, I finished the run and I had honestly never been more happy to be running again. Sure, I was in excruciating pain the whole time and the 7 pounds I gained over break certainly didn't feel too nice. But I am grateful to be back and starting a new regiment that I trust will certainly make me a better runner, person, and student even. This is like my first actual log ever because I have never been good with logging and I am going to make sure I don't write essays like this each time. (Didn't have a watch, this is just my approximation from Charlie's watch)