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6.3 mi


8:22 mi


188 lb
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Wed - Day off or short easy run, 3-5 miles. You want to keep the miles up still, with two weeks to go. Next week will be the mellow week leading up to it.

Thurs - Distance run, 6-8 miles. Keep it up this week, but you want the legs and body to be recovered. Let's try to get the body feeling good. This means don't push the easy runs on the easy days. Really take them easy and get recovered.

Fri - Today I want you to do a short tempo run. Warm up 2-3 miles and do 3 X 5 min at marathon pace with 2 min recovery in between. You really have to focus on the pace. Keep in mind that this is marathon pace and will feel very easy for 5 minutes at a time. Visualize yourself in the race and make sure you are running a controlled pace. 2-4 miles cool down. This should not be a difficult run, instead it should tell you how the pace is going to feel during the race. And, keep in mind, this is only a snipped of it. Don't run 3:15 marathon pace!

Sat - Easy, short run of 5-7 miles. Tomorrow's long run will be considerably shorter, so get in the miles today.

Sun - Long run, 8-10 miles. You will still have a nice week of miles this week if you get it all in.