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4:00 PM

7.5 mi


9:22 mi


85 F
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11 M


Thurs - Workout. Tempo run. 20 min. of warm up running, then do 3 X 5 min. @ 10k intensity w/ 2 min. of jog inbetween (as if you were in a race). Unless you have a route mapped out, you will not know what your exact distance is, but run the pace you would in a 10k race. This is not an easy workout, just remember not to go out too fast because you will struggle at the end. There should be some amount of struggle toward the end, as there is toward the end of a race. You will get in 15 min of hard running. Finish with 20 min of easy running at the end. This should be about 6-8 miles total, and it will probably be a fast one.

Tough day. However, the pace was my 5th fastest since 06/01! I'll take it!!