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1:00 PM

10 km


7:44 mi


188 lb

Race Result

197 / 943 (20.9%)
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Holyoke 10km


Sat - St. Patty's 10K. I would like you to get in 2 miles before and 2-4 miles after the race. Otherwise, let's plan a longish run tomorrow, maybe 10 miles. I am thinking that you might not be up for that after the race, but it needs to be done to keep the mileage up. If you can get in 10 or 11 miles in today then you can take it easy tomorrow and do less. Let's not only do the race then take Sun off, that is going set your back. I know it's difficult to get in a long warm up and cool down, but that is the phase you are in right now and it's important.

'09 498 CHRIS RYAN 197/943 MOPEN 47:57 7:43

'08 1669 CHRIS RYAN 493/690 MOPEN 58:30 9:25

'04 2178 CHRIS RYAN 759/801 MOPEN 1:08:56 11:06