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10:00 AM

8.5 mi


9:22 mi


188 lb
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Thurs - Workout. Warm up for 20 min to begin with, then run 30 min at marathon intensity (what you are planning on running for the race, not a 10 mile or half marathon pace). You should be comfortable but still be working hard. I want you to visualize the marathon, imagine all the people around you and how you are going to stay relaxed and run your own race, not letting anyone pull you out ahead or drag you down. Mental preparedness is going to be your plan, that's where you are going to get to the like 15, even 30 min faster than you ever have. It just as important not to go out too slow as it is to not go too fast. Find that goal pace and stick to it. A slower more controlled pace a the beginning and increasing the pace toward the end will get you to the line faster. 20 min cool down after the 30 min pace run. This is going to be a mental workout more than anything. So set you mind to it and get through.