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1:00 PM

6 mi


7:40 mi


188 lb


42 F

Race Result

339 / 1188 (28.5%)
52 / 138 (37.7%)
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Sat – Talkin’ Turkey. Make sure you go out on or behind pace, DON”T GO OUT TOO FAST!!!! That is why we are doing the pace workout earlier in the week, to learn the pace. Going out too fast will blow your chances at running what you want to run. Go out on pace, even if you are feeling fantastic. Hold back and you can begin to push after three miles if you are still raring to go. Break down the time you want to run into individuals miles and know what you should be at each mile, that will help you stay on track for your goal time. I would like you to get in some good miles this week, so a long run would probably be out of the question. Do a 2 mile warm up, and 2 mile cool down (I know it’s difficult after the race, you just want to warm up and drink a beer and eat food, but it is important. That way you can get in a 10 mile day. At least get in a mile cool down, the warm up I won’t slack on.

339 CHRISTOPHER RYAN 483 M 52/138 38 SPRINGFIELD MA 45:57 7:40