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10.2 mi


9:08 mi


188 lb
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Exactly two weeks from today until the big day. You had a pretty good week this week. As for the tapering: as I said in the past e-mail, I believe in tapering ONLY if the training has been very intense and substantial. I agree with you, you do not need to taper with what mileage you have done in the past few weeks, as they have been about the distance of a marathon. You did have a 60+ mile week, but that is not really worth much unless there is a 50 or 60 mile week on either end and some base to support it. This doesn't mean that you won't do want ease back and take it very easy the week of the race. That is not a taper. A taper is a systematic decrease of mileage and intensity, beginning from a few miles prior to the race.

So here we go.

Mon - Long run moved to today. 10-12 miles.