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2:11 PM

5.3 mi


8:18 mi


218 lb


-9 F
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The perfect remedy for cabin fever. I was supposed to have run an interval workout on the indoor track at the Monon Center, but the facility was closed due to the severe weather.

Never dreamt I'd run in such temperatures. Felt great. Could have gone longer, but my out-and-back on safe, cleared backroads brought me this far. And, by the time I got back home, I had to go to the bathroom. It was good timing, all in all.

Skin felt fine, though my cheeks were definitely getting cold. Gloves and jacket were freezing on the exterior, but my core remained good and warm. When winds blew - and there were some wicked winds at times - I felt the cold on my face and thighs.

Roads were snow-covered and great for running.


- Nike Combat tights

- Nike dryfit pants

- two long sleeve t-shirts

- Mizuno thermal top

- Road Runner thermal top

- Brooks running jacket

- neck/head/face warmer

- hat

- gloves