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7:00 AM

26.2 mi


9:14 mi


160 bpm
177 bpm


61 F


9 / 10

Race Result

350 / 972 (36%)
1 / 12 (8.3%)
81 / 374 (21.7%)
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Myrtle Beach Marathon

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Good race, despite lack of sleep last night and very sore legs. I started out with a Pacer who was going a bit fast and kept up the pace after I lost him at a water stop. Toward the end, my legs were sore and tired and just wouldn't move. I'm not sure if that was the result of going out too fast or just because my hamstrings and glute issue had me too tight and achy. I did reach most of my goals, but not the biggest one. I didn't break 4 hours. The 4 hour pacer passed me at mile 24 and I couldn't catch up again. I did get 1st in AG, a new PR, another BQ and I wasn't forced to walk anything but the water stops. So all in all, I'm happy.