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9:03 AM

13.2 mi


10:04 mi



9 / 10

Race Result

466 / 843 (55.3%)
8 / 21 (38.1%)
212 / 491 (43.2%)
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Gettysburg half marathon

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Good run, though not a good race. I knew I wasn't trained for it after dealing with various injuries etc. so I went in with no intention of pushing the pace. I figured I'd try to average around 10 mm., but otherwise I just wanted to run by feel and enjoy the course and the people. As usual, I ran too fast at the start, then ran out of steam. I knew stamina would be an issue with so much time off. At the halfway we turned into the wind and I really slowed. I ended up walking part of most of the hills on the second half. Garmin gave it 352' uphill, RA gives it 550'. I still enjoyed it.