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12:45 PM

3 km


5:03 mi


55 F


6 / 10
6 / 10
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9th at Heps in the 3k steeple in 9:24. Very disappointing race honestly, was sort of a worst case scenario for how the race played out - went out very slow (3:11 thru 1k) and just did not engage and compete once the race truly started. Only fear before this race was that we did not truly have a plan and that is exactly what happened, which is disappointing. Felt good before the race but that seed of doubt quickly exploded in the race both physically and mentally, just looked and felt incredibly flat. Disappointed to have this kind of performance at Heps but I do not think it is the end of this season or a year-defining result - just need to put it in the hat and move forward. TFL felt tight before the race, it's been noticeable hurdling since I fell at Georgia Tech but I honestly think that if I can get some work in on that and feel good that I can just let one rip next Saturday at New England's: still want my first collegiate win and to just let it flow.