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2:30 PM

12 mi


6:20 mi


148.4 lb


53 F


8 / 10
8 / 10
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Golf Course


West Virginia Fartlek (4x90, 4x60, 4x30, 4x15 with equal rest) on the golf course. Ran 5.02 miles in the 26 minutes for 5:11 average. Felt good during the 90sec sections, but let a little gap emerge during the 60sec sections. Let this 10 meter gap fester for most of the workout, and then pulled out a big time JV kick on the last rep. I know that I need to get better mentally in the middle and not let that gap be created - it's especially important to work on that during a day like today when the only goal is to stick together as a pack. But, the workout was still a good effort and I know that my kick is special. Just about being strong enough to use it in the right spot.