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6:35 AM

33.3 mi


8:50 mi

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2 / 45 (4.4%)

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Ran about the first 9 miles with Patrick, nice comfortable pace. Made my move at 11 miles, passing the 2 leaders. Felt pretty good and hoped to put some distance on them. They didn't drop back much, then after the aid station by the RV I panicked and thought I made a wrong turn. Circled back and saw them coming my way so I just hooked up with them. Together we found the next turn and I tried again to put some distance between us. By this time the pace wasn't feeling as comfortable but hoped I'd create a gap. I refilled my bottle at the turnaroung water station and one of the guys was right there but I had put some distance on the 3rd place guy. Saw Patrick a little later and he showed me his bloody arm where he he pretty hard on a fall (Apparently he had to get 9 stitches later that day). By the time we got the the next aid station the other guy had passed me and as I pulled into the station he was just leaving. He passed me a few miles later and said he took a wrong turn after the aid station. He was looking really strong still and took off while I was just trying to hang on. I saw him at the next aid station and again he took off looking great. He passed me one more time (he took another wrong turn) and I didn't see him again until after the finish. He won, I took second. 34.4 miles on my garmin and everyone else had it a little long also. Great weather for March with temps starting in the low 40's and finishing in the low 50's. Got to run through a section that was on fire and some sections with crazy footing by the river as well as the normal trails at croom.

Used shot bloks (2 packs) instead of gels and worked pretty well.(cut in half and taped for easy dispensing) Some additional calories via gatorade and soda at the aid stations but no gels. Probably should have taken in a little more.