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10 km


6:13 mi


65 F

Race Result

8 / 186 (4.3%)


38:36 Gun, 38:33 Chip time

Nice weather, good sized crowd. Had to dodge a few people at the start but it opened up quickly.

Didn't wear garmin or any watch for that matter. Splits were called out at the mile markers:

5:55, 12:02, 18:17, 24:40, 30:50, not sure on mile 5 and didn't get the 6th mile split.

Think I went out a little fast but pretty even pace throughout, the fourth mile was slow but it had the turnaround and most of it into the wind. First 10k in a long time so wasn't sure how to run it. Pace felt pretty hard throughout, breathing heavy. I think I definitely would have pr'd if I ran the 5k.

Michael Weiss passed me right before the 3 mile and kept pulling away.