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3.6 mi


7:04 mi

Race Result

13 / 780 (1.7%)


High Tide, lots of water to trudge through. One guy caught me on the final kick that goes out into the water. The water was just over my knees and I wasn't really running through it. He did a couple of dolphin dives and caught then passed me and I couldn't catch back up to him after we got to the beach. Pretty mediocre effort, started out pretty hard and couldn't find my stride running on the beach. Spent a lot of energy by the halfway point, then had to go though the water at the turn. Didn't wear my garmin but think my pace really slowed at that point and never picked it back up. The turns and little hills took a lot out of me and just kind of hung on for the finish.

I think they changed(Lengthend) the course some from 2 years ago. 2nd place male masters by a minute... still no stupid little trophy thing... in the post race email tey confirmed the course was lengthened by .3 miles. That makes sense.