New Balance MR710RY (1) (retired)

Equipment Info
Activity: Run
Shoe size: 9.00 (US/Canada)
Total distance: 531.55 mi
Purchase date: 3/10/2008
Price: $49.99
Notes: imported: ok shoe - not enough padding (cushon) for me. Retired from main running shoe - 4/1/09 Delegated to walking and backup at the office.
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My review:

Not a horrible shoe - just not really right for me. Needs more cushioning and not enough support in the arches. Usually I got cramping in my arches while running. Inserts helped a little - but not all the time. At 500 miles - I rolled this into a 'secondary' shoe. Retired on 1/28/10 - gave the shoes to Alex to run in.