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11:11 AM

6.3 mi


4:59 mi

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What a fun evening! Won the 10k at conference in 31:05. The game plan was to go out with Tope and that’s what I did. We were clicking off some quicker paces and then he slowed down and I felt good still. So for the next mile I just took it chill in his shoulder before taking the lead. I owe Chapman and Spitz so much for helping me get back on track and figuring out what was wrong with me. Wish the time would have been faster but it was a positive step forward and I’ll be able to go for a time at a last chance meet. Thanks to all of my teammates for believing in me and hugging me after my race. I won’t ever forget it or the journey this season has given me. 5k tomorrow



Such a fun race to watch! You owned it from the start and looked super confident throughout.


Had tears in my eyes the last mile because I knew that you were back on top man. Just like last year, you put Tope away in that 10k, so proud to be lead by you!


You’re making me tear up haha