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    You're a freak. So, freak ... are you running that 12-k, or what? Or is that too wimpy for you now? Cool
    Jake - The freak says 'Yes' to that one. Darn right. My training schedule has been written up to include daily runs of no longer than 6K (attempt to keep my knee in check) with a 10.82K run this coming weekend, an 11.33K run the following Saturday and the 12K Waiheke race the week after. Of course I don't yet have permission to run down hills so those two long runs (both hilly) and the race are being run on a new strategy for me. I have decided to run up the hills and walk down them. I figured that with such a hilly race I would have struggled running the whole thing at pace anyhow and I have come to quite like running up hills! I have no idea how this strategy will affect my pace so it will be interesting to see what happens on this weekend's run. The important thing is that I hope this tactic will protect my knee. I have to say that I am really nervous about the race. I feel a little lost about what I will be doing. My big concern has been the silly issue of what I will do after the race. I will be over on the island with no support team - very sweaty after a hot summer race - what do I do? My plan is to go into the sea with my race gear on and whilst there change into my bikini. Then I can get in a swim to wash up - lie in the sun for a bit - then go to the 1:30 prize giving. I figured I can fit a sun dress into my bag (plus some clean running pants and a warm top incase I get cold) and that way I won't be smelly and sticky for the rest of the day. You see, I have no idea what facilities there will be at a small race like this! Last year 189 people did the 12K with times ranging between 50:08 and 02:14:47. I reckon that in the difficult conditions of this race I will be very lucky to finish between 01:20:00 and 1:30:00. That will be my goal but it may well be unattainable and I will be happy to finish in any time for my first race! So you still racing with me then? Claire xxx
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      So you still racing with me then? Claire xxx
      I don't want to lose to a girl. And I'm starting to think I might. You really are freakish, you know. Is it possible the mix of illegal drugs you took in your misspent youth turned you into some sort of mutant super-girl? That's my theory until proven otherwise. You'll need a super-hero name, though. And some spandex tights. I'll look into the local 12-k. I'd forgotten all about it - I thought your injury got me off the hook. But since my manhood is being challenged, maybe I'll have to run it. I'll keep you posted. As for you, you'll be fine. I like your training plan. Just go easy on the hills until the race. And I think you're smart to walk down them. I noticed both in the Monkey Marathon and my recent runs out in California that it was the downhills that were brutal, not the uphills. Good luck, Super Freak. (Nope. Can't use that as your super-hero name. I think Rick James owns the copyright.)
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