Cubed Ham/Bacon (Read 364 times)

    Nice edit :-)

      I see diced cucumber on there.

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      Action without vision is a nightmare. 


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            I'm with bhearn and Joann on the cukes.  If I get any, they end up on someone else's plate.

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

              I don't understand the hate of cucumbers.  Why is it such an acetabular thing to have cucumbers on a cobb salad?

              Vision without action is a day dream.

              Action without vision is a nightmare. 

                It's partly the texture but also the flavor gets infused into everything else it touches. That juicy cucumber juice can't keep to itself.


                MTA: With the obvious brain impingement that you are suffering from, I don't expect you to understand.

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                  Cucumbers aren't a classic addition to Cobb salad, but because they are delicious and consistent with the spirit of the salad, I deem them a fine addition.  Wikipedia is crazy, however, to think that watercress or black olives could be on a Cobb salad.  They are delicious foods, but not Cobb salad ingredients. Obviously.

                    I have nothing against cucumber. It just doesn't belong on a Cobb salad. But black olives, really? That is very normal. I speak as someone who lives on Cobb salad while traveling. It's about the only thing you can find in most places that's sufficiently low-carb, high-fat.

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                      Wow.  Who knew that there were Cobb salad snobs?


                        Wow.  Who knew that there were Cobb salad snobs?


                        Whoa whoa whoa big buddy. That was my first Cobb salad.


                          That was my first Cobb salad.


                          Right, that's what they all say

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                            Almost 4 years later, Baltimore delivers.


                            Random pile of cubed ham leaves Baltimore internet, Downtown Partnership fascinated



                            MTA: Not only can you find it on the side of the road in Baltimore, you can now find it at Target.




                            Debated putting this in Health and Nutrition, but I think it would fit in a little more here...


                            I want to try a recipe that calls for "4 ounces slab bacon or smoked ham, cubed."


                            Talked to the butchers - or at least, the people behind the counter - at the biggest fresh foods/whole foods-type store in the area, and they didn't have that.  At least, not cubed small enough that I think this recipe is calling for (in the picture, looks like about 1/4-1/2-inch cubes).  The head butcher said he might be able to do a custom job for me, but that kind of talk makes me think I may have the wrong idea of what I need.


                            I'm obviously pretty new to cooking.


                            So, later, I'll try to see if this recipe is on the internet anywhere where I can link to it (it's out of Runner's World), but in the meantime, does anyone know exactly what I'm talking about, and what I need to ask them to do?

                              Is it me or does the road version look more appealing?

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                                Those are 12 oz. packages but the recipe clearly only calls for 4 oz. Not gonna work.

                                Sit on a potato pan, Otis.