Good First Marathon (Read 1281 times)


    By bad do you mean - Flat and Fast - With so many runners it is a zoo - High cost - No free beer afterward?


    My good would be small 200-2000 runners

    Free beer afterward

    Easy logistics

    A reasonable course

    Cheap Hotel

    Something to do after the race

    A race Dictator that is not a dork


    Monkey fits most of these. 


    I know a bad first marathon that takes place in the Fall.

    7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



      You did say in the US, but if you're willing to cross the border just slightly, Victoria is a great marathon. Mid-size, not too small, not too big. Beautiful scenery. Rolling course, not super flat and fast, but nothing too bad. The weather is usually good. Stay at the Empress if you go, and make sure to attend high tea.


      I ran it for my first in 2004, and I've been back twice since. 


        My first marathon was the 1999 Big Sur International Marathon.  Was it good?  God no, it was fucking awful.


        All I know is it took me about a dozen more tries before I could quit the damn things.

         LOL! Nice pick! That is a ball (ego) buster for a 1st ... I prob wouldn't have even noticed the scenery if it was my 1st - after the 1/2 way mark I had to force myself to "appreciate" the course & scenery with 15 marathons under my belt including multiple Bostons & the Cape!  You are the "go big or go home" kind I guess!



          Big country - any general vicinity in mind?


          old woman w/hobby

            Bad Marathon

            • Bizarre race director
            • Possible attack by imaginary creatures
            • Competitors that should be spending their morning in an AA meeting

            BTW, Jeff F's suggestion of checking out marathonguide.com was excellent.

            I'm hoping for this one!



            Just run.

            12 Monkeys

              Monkey fits most of these. 


              Perhaps. But NOT this one:



              A race Dictator that is not a dork

              12 Monkeys

                I tried last year and in less than 4 minutes it was full.




                I hear that there was a wait list. 


                I hear that the sadistic RD ended up punishing EVERYBODY on the wait list by letting them in and allowing them to "run" the marathon.


                And then he made it rain. Monsoon, actually. If that is a verb.

                12 Monkeys


                  My 1st marathon was Journeys in Eagle River, WI.  It is a little summer tourist town in Northern WI - But 1st weekend in May not a lot going on.  There were 120 runners and it was rolling, rural, heavily wooded route.  To me it was perfect - I do not like running with people anyway.  I was well run for a small marathon - had water stops every 2 miles to 20 and then every mile after.  Nice pre-Race area.  Easy hotel to bus pick up for shuttle to start (Walking).  Nice post race festivities.


                  Your good 1st marathon will be decided by what you want?  There are so many good marathons - small to mid-sized that you do not have to travel far to find one.  Each region has some wonerful marathons for different reasons.


                  Do not overlook - Sleeping in your own bed is nice.




                  Beautiful scenery - What is your definition of beautiful?

                  Amount of on course support (Aide stations)

                  Saturday or Sunday

                  Reasonably Priced total travel package

                  Post race party

                  Easy Logistics


                  If you are more of a wilderness hiker / adventure person - This is hard - beautiful - technical trail




                  From the course records you can see how hard the course is - Only 2 peope broke 4 hours last year.



                  7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



                    Niagara Falls is a fun first Marathon.  You start in Buffalo NY and end in Niagara Falls Ontario.  Relatively flat except when you run over the bridge crossing the border.

                    Cool Jump Suit

                      I know a bad first marathon that takes place in the Fall.

                       It's always good to do a bad one first.  That way you NEVER want to do one again.  Running is stupid.

                      So bittersweet,
                      This tragedy
                      Won't ask for absolution;
                      This melody,
                      Inside of me,
                      Still searches for solution.
                      A twist of faith,
                      A change of heart
                      Cures my infatuation.
                      A broken heart, 
                      Provides the spark
                      For my determination.