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    LOVE IT thanks!!

      Love it! Thanks so much!

        Love the idea but couldn't get it to take my data today when I tried to log it.

          Love it!!! Thank you so much.
            this is awesome. i've already added the app and am totally digging it. thanx. Smile

            You Are Beautiful.

              very cool! i added the app and am excited to see how it 'runs' Smile


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                Eric, question: every Facebook app comes with a standard disclaimer: "Allowing [insert app name here] access will let it pull your profile information, photos, your friends' info, and other content that it requires to work." I am not crazy about allowing any facebook apps access to my private data. What exactly does it need to work, and why does fb have this stupid disclaimer if, in fact, the app does not require access to any profile data? thanks!
                  This is great.
                    has anybody had trouble with this? i entered all my usual info, name, passwords, etc., but no data comes through. all zeroes. the bottom half of the screen reads like a runningahead sign up to me. it says: Due to Facebook limitations, this is a lite version of RunningAHEAD's training log. Here are just a few of the many FREE features waiting for you at RunningAHEAD.com: Import data directly from your Garmin Forerunner GPS Create and measure your running routes Create additional activities Create custom graphs and reports To access your data directly on RunningAHEAD.com, please fill out the following information. i enter my account info and it says: There is already an account with this email. so it doesn't seem like that will solve the problem. as i went through the setup process, it gave me a couple pop-ups about importing data, so it seemed like it was working, but then nothing showed up. anybody else experiencing this? any help is much appreciated.
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                        Thank you!
                        As said... thanks again


                          Probably like this: AP ran 8.4 miles in the rain at 8:45min/mile dgb2n observed: another junk run; don't you ever do quality runs or have any purposes to your runs d00d?
                          That was a private email from me to you. Not sure you had to share it with the world. Big grin

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                              nice work! i see that the PRs listed max out at marathon. any chance to have longer race PRs listed?
                                This is great! Thanks and I'll add my support!