Clicking/Cracking noise in my heel when I walk (Read 60 times)


    Hi can someone tell what this is. I previously had Achilles Tendinitis or something like that. What exactly I felt was a pain behind my Achilles tendon where the tendon meets the bone. It would hurt when I walk but after a few weeks of stretching and icing the pain went away. This clicking noise (no pain) takes place somewhere in my heel when my toes touch the ground my heel lifts and makes a clicking/cracking noise. This only happens when I walk not when I run. What should I do? Take a week or two break, contact my physio , can someone please help because its annoying hearing this noise every few seconds. Thanks for reading.


      Confused  Could it be in your shoe?  Do you switch out your running soes?


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        No it's not my shoes as it happens bare feet and it only happens to my right foot. It clicks at the back of my foot.

          My 19 year old son has this problem.

          He has size 15 shoes, and 'abnormal' feet.

          For him, the clicking is just before he pushes off his foot and as his 2nd joint in his 1st metatarsal of the forefoot moves (under the ball of the foot).


          He doesn't have pain, but gets somewhat annoyed by it.  When he wears shoes, it occasionally muffles the sound somewhat or it stops clicking (depending on the day or the hour or whatever other magical reason).


          He's had the problem off and on for about 17 years.

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