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    Well I'm finally back. I used to frequent this site more than any other on the internet as the information and camaraderie is outstanding. I got quite fit to be fair . Went from 19 stone to 12.5 stone and routinely ran 60 mpw. I don't know what happened but I've not run properly over the last 6 years and I'm back to where it all began.


    I suppose I'm looking for a starting point or some inspiration and direction to get me started again. I'm now 39 years of age and 18 stone but need to get back to my former self. ...... An epiphany I suppose .All advice welcome.

    "I've been following Eddy's improvement over the last two years on this site, and it's been pretty dang solid. Sure the weekly mileage has been up and down, but over the long haul he's getting out the door and has turned himself into quite a runner. He's only now just figuring out his potential. Consistency in running is measured in years, not weeks. And over the last couple of years, Eddy's made great strides" Jeff 14 Jan 2009

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      Diet is just the major thing to consider with losing weight. Exercise certainly helps, but you will need to get your diet under control.

      As for the running, consistency is the key.

      Just keep plugging away.

      I personally think running groups or teams make a lot of sense to keep motivation up, work through the inevitable issues that will arise, and to serve up a little focus in your training program.


        I remember you Eddy. Welcome back. Just get in the flow again. Shoot for a goal race in May. Preferably a 5 or 10K. Make positive lifestyle changes, drop wt. and give yourself time. Start running mostly comfortable pace, mix in cross training and don't rush it. Give yourself 6 months of gradual running progression and you will get back. Good luck.

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          In order to achieve consistency, I have to visualize the kind of person I want to be - a permanent, or at least long-term vision.  Running is a means to that end.  Some other activities, musical, intellectual, and social, are also means to that end.  I focus my life around those things that I have designated as most important.  I don't want to be doctrinaire about it, so I still leave some room for spontaneous, or even trivial things.


          Regarding running specifically, I really value my good health, and I really like the way I feel now, thanks to running.  I want that to continue as long as is within my ability to achieve.


          Hope you are successful at finding the right balance for you.

          Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.
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            Welcome back, Eddy! I'm glad you're back at it.


            Peaks and valleys, man. I think all of us who have been at this a while have had multiple highs and lows of fitness/motivation/time to train/life knocking us down. The important think is to keep coming back.

            Runners run.


              Your running chart doesn't look much different than mine these days.  It's been a lot of 'stutter starts' with me for the last while, with decent streaks here and there but a lot of white space in my summary log.


              I can only give you the same advice I'm internally lecturing myself with, which is no latching onto excuses, get out the door and do whatever it is you can.

                Welcome back.


                I recently came back too after an absence of about 20 months. I'm 54. Man did the first month suck. I was overjoyed to be able to run a mile w/o stopping in August of this year. Three months later and I just ran 7.5 tonight at a decent clip. As others have said, weight loss is pretty key.


                Also as others have said, life at times can impact running. At your age, I was in law school, newly married with a kid on the way. Got pretty out of shape as a result (between 97 and 01) especially after joining big law and working 12+hour days during the middle and end of the dot.com boom. Got back in shape with regular beer league hockey and lifting, then started running again. Eventually running became my main emphasis until 09 when life kept me from working out / running etc.for a year.  In 10, decided i would run at least six miles every day and basically did that through 15 when injuries (plantar fascitis (sp?)) shut me down for a bit. Ran off and on through the end of 16 and then stopped and got really fat. In August this year, started running regularly again and now I'm feeling pretty good when I run. Just have to get out and do it. It has to be a habit, something that is done regularly. Maybe not every day, but at least five days a week or 25 days every month.


                Best of luck.




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                  i am in the same place.

                  The first 2 months of 2018 were my only halfway regular months.

                  I had a back muscle pull and shingles this year.

                  I plan on getting back on track this month.

                  first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


                  2019  goals   1000  miles  , 190 pounds , deadlift 400 touch my toes

                    Welcome back Eddy.  We missed ya!