Soylent or People Chow (Read 166 times)


    Finally got all the ingredients.  We mixed up 8 days worth-- one day of liquid added, the rest in 1 gallon plastic bags.  You're supposed to let the liquid mixture chill, but we went ahead and tasted it-- yick!   Tasted like either cornbread batter or grainy, warm breast milk to me.  Nasty stuff, it's gotta be better cold.  They say you can add stuff like cinnamon or other spices.


    Add spices? That's like cooking!

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      I'm so glad that I'm fortunate to be able to afford real food.


      I sincerely hope your luck changes soon.

      LMAO... I know... you know you could wire me some food money.  Okay, well, we can afford for me to eat, just not the old man.



      Batgirl-- "Add spices? That's like cooking!"  LOL, no doubt!  Assembling this stuff was like cooking, kind of a pain in the butt.  I guess the Soylent is supposed to come pre-assembled, but they're so backlogged on their orders, DH decided he couldn't wait.


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