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    ... i (a tri person) also have found that riding with "cyclists" is counter productive to my cause as i build myself into my training as i can't draft ....


    as it is plain to see i am very much a loner most of the time.


    Yes.  I also ride alone.  With the training, there's never a reason to ride with others.

    But, when not in training, it's fun to socialize with others and grab a donut and gatorade with friends on a Saturday / Sunday group ride.

    2018 Goals:

    #1: Do what I can do (250+ training days, 300+ aerobic hours).

    #2: Race shape - BUILD aerobic base

    #3: Race (Cincinnati MiniMarathon - 3/18, Grand Rapids 70.3 Tri - 6/10, Ironman Florida - 11/2)