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    I have to have my wisdom teeth out in a couple weeks. I will be out while they do it. Any experience on running afterward. Will I need off a couple days...

      No personal experience--but a friend of mine just had his out and the doc said no vigorous exercise for 5 days (I think it was 5--somewhere in that vicinity at least)

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        It really depends on how badly impacted they are.


        When I had mine out I was pretty much laid out for 4 days and I wouldnt have been able to tolerate impact for probably a full week

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          They are kinda bad. My dentist wouldn't touch them Sad seeing an oral surgeon.  I actually had the bottom two out in high school by a dentist with local anesthesia and gas. I do  remember the right side being numbed 7 times. What I remember was horrific and  I was swollen and miserable for a couple weeks. I'm hoping this experience will be better Undecided

            When I was playing baseball in highschool (on a summer team), a guy on my team had his wisdom teeth taken out, and that same night, he played his regular position, catcher!  He was crazy.


            My experience wasn't nearly has smooth, but I think that you won't be running for at least a couple days.

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              I had mine out a couple months ago. Not a pleasant experience. I don't think I ran for three days, and then did a few shorter runs in the days following. I only took drugs the day of(I hate taking drugs they don't have a good effect on my mental status), but I think normally people take them longer, because the doc gave me something crazy like thirty pills and asked if I needed more and was surprised when I said I only took 4. My guess is you'll need a couple of days.



                The thing about having wisdom teeth removed as an adult is, all of the things you're thinking about doing in the days that follow, suddenly don't register as all that important afterwards!


                I had four surgically removed and will give you this tip; get your prescription filled before you go, and take a pain pill while in the lobby waiting to get called back.  If you do that and alternate acetaminophen with an anti-inflammatory every three hours, you will never feel a thing.


                  I heard from a friend that drinking pineapple juice during they days beforehand reduces swelling... I took the advice and hardly swelled at all! Was a few days before I could really do anything active again though.




                      Another thing I just thought of.. be prepared for blood. If you want to run a few days after I would run somewhere where you can spit. My gums were bleeding for days. But remember to stay safe! Don't run outside on a trail where you're not likely to see many people in the case that you get dizzy.


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                        I had a wisdom tooth taken out once by an oral surgeon, using local anesthesia and laughing gas or whatever the hell gas it was. For me the very worst part of the ordeal was the gas! Has anyone else had that experience? The gas completely paralyzed me, but did not numb or relax me or do any other useful thing - just paralyzed me and left me feeling completely conscious yet helpless, and I was totally aware of everything the doc was doing. It was just like when you need to wake up from a bad dream but you can't move 'cause you're totally paralyzed so you try to scream and thrash but you can't except with the most extreme effort. Fortunately it wasn't a painful extraction, but I will never again allow a dentist to give me (non)laughing gas. 


                          I had all four impacted wisdom teeth a year and half ago.  I had to forgo running for 6 days while they healed.  I might have been able to run a day or two earlier, but the dentist was pretty adamant about no running during the first few days to ensure things heal up properly.


                            My wisdom tooth story is like the world's worst case, involving 1) breaking the dental instrument which apparently ticked off the surgeon, 2) "your biopsy will be back next week", 3) two weeks off work, 4) second surgery to drain the growing infection in my face before it leaked into my melon, and 5) other details.


                            So, I'll just leave you with one tip: "don't suck".  As in, literally.  After the surgery, don't suck on straws and stuff.


                            Edited to add: then there was the family member who went in and got one wisdom tooth pulled and was out of the dentist office 30 minutes later, no muss no fuss, no big deal whatsoever.





                              I've had several oral surgeries. You probably won't use most of the pain pills they give you as long as you don't run for 2-3 days. If you do run it may not hurt the day you run but it will hurt like hell the day after. Do not spit. Do not drink with a straw. Do not drink soda the ascorbic acid in it can be irritating. Try to eat lots of cold foods such as pudding and cottage cheese on days 1-2.

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                                To counter the horror stories - I had pizza for supper the same night I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and didn't use the prescribed painkillers. Of course, I was only 20 at the time.......