Ankle pain and plantar fascia pain (Read 133 times)

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    A bit ago I twisted my right ankle on a curb.  Since then, that pain has come and gone, come and gone. (Behind the bone, inside ankle,  in a curved line around and going up). It also pops a lot in a way the other ankle doesn't, and it didn't before.


    Randomly my right plantar fascia has started to hurt, too. It's in a single spot bottom of the foot past the heel. It hurt Saturday walking up to the race and during (trail) so I quit early.  It didn't hurt at all Sunday including while running or after but randomly started that evening when I was doing laundry.  It was gone again today.  (Though maybe unrelated the outside of my right knee feels stiff).


    both times the ankle starts hurting again before and after the fascia pain is there.


    Are these related and does it impact what I should do to address it?  I don't want a chronic injury again.



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      I've had my share of various ankle/foot injuries (tears, strains, sprains, PF, heel spurs, arthritis), and under those circumstances, I would not run until I had a doctor's assessment done. An x-ray might show exactly what the problem is.


      My guess is that when you tripped on the curb, you may have strained or sprained your ankle and your knee. The symptoms could certainly be related, and there could be "over-compensation" type discomfort/injury involved as well. You could develop a chronic injury by exercising on it without proper treatment.


      Running is a long term proposition for me, so I would rest my injury until I saw a doctor about it. Good luck!

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        Find an elastic ankle brace or sleeve that will put some pressure on it while you are running. This will help stabilize the area and can help dramatically with discomfort.  It can also help with preventing more ankle rolls while the muscles heal and strengthen.  Work with the ankle doing strengthening and  stretching exercises.  Look it up on Dr google and you'll find a lot of rehab ideas.



        I have loose ankles and poor proprioception  which leads to a lot of ankle injuries, as in very, very many.  These have occurred on the trails, on the roads, walking or running, at work and in the back yard.  In other words I deal with something with my ankles all the time.


        Going to the Dr is a judgement call on your part. I'll neither recommend nor discourage you from doing it.  I've quit going to the Dr because they never really offer me anything other than surgery to tighten the ligaments.  They tend to tell me to stay off of it until it's not painful and don't run until there is no pain when I start again. If I did that I'd never run.  There was a good article on Irunfar.com about why it will hurt to run after a injury and why it's not bad to do so. It has to do with the formation and break down of scar tissue. When I have time I'll try to find a link to that article.


          I had a problem with plantar fasciitis a year and a half ago. found a couple ways to help it.  One, the one that my podiatrist thought was one of the best moves, was to wear my birkenstocks most of the time after the fasciitis showed up. It supported my arch well.  I  also bought a cheap insole at a grocery store that on the package mentioned that is was for fasciitis and it did help me a lot. I have put it in most of my running shoes and some of my other regular shoes. I still use them most of the time in my running shoes.  The other thing that helped me a lot of that I used KT Tape on my foot, especially when I tried to run on it. It really helped me a lot.  Here is a link to the KT Tape instructions for taping for fasciitis.


          Video http://www.kttape.com/instructions/plantar-fasciitis/


          Printed instructions for taping http://www.kttape.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Plantar_Fasciitis.pdf


          Hope it helps

            Put a bottle of spring water into the freezer, once it freezes roll your foot over it for like 20 min every morning and night, take care of that, I had that for 18 months, wound up having surgery.

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              With further research I am wondering if it isn't pf at all but this




              The insertion in the foot pain and ankle would make sense





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