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    Hi everyone, While looking for a treatment for hip flexor pains, I came upon the State University of New York at Buffalo's Sports Injury Encyclopedia. It has every injury that I can think of, including hip flexor strain, ITBS, piriformis syndrome, and even discussions on glucosamine. Each injury has its own page, and it has a diagram of the injury location, a list of causes, symptoms, as well as how to treat it and prevent it (with diagrams of exercises). You should definitely check it out if you have an injury.

      Very cool! Thanks! Smile

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        Ooh, I need to bookmark that! Hopefully I won't need to actually refer to it, though.... k

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          Here is a good link for reference... http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/index.htm?PHPSESSID=0416b964713cc1ea7ddb5d4c77aab5c8 For those of you who have more medical knowledge, it may be pretty basic, but still a good reference...and it's free/online! Enjoy, Lynn B

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            ...it may be pretty basic, but still a good reference...and it's free/online!
            As everyone here knows, some of the best things online are free! Wink