Slow pace and form (Read 185 times)


    I am trying very hard to slow down my aerobic and long aerobic runs. I'm sure I ran too fast today because my pace each mile slowed and I think it's supposed to be slow but consistent. I already feel like I'm shuffling, if I slow down my feet drag and hit on the forward swing. How can I slow down without shuffling? Even at my pace today I don't feel like my legs move much and it feels awkward.


      do yo uthink you're slowing down too much to where you're getting to a walk basically?

      L Train

        I am trying very hard to slow down my aerobic and long aerobic runs.


        Why? It's a serious question.


        Even if your current runs result in you slowing a bit at the end, just continuing to do it day after day, week after week, will fix that without making a conscious effort to slow down.  I think slowing so much that form suffers is counterproductive.



          Because I'm trying to follow the guidelines given for "how" to run these runs. My impression from the description of these runs in my training plan is that I should either be at a steady pace or gradually speed up. The fact that I slowed made me think I was doing it wrong. I ran by feel, I just slowed whenever I started to get out of breath to the point where I wouldn't be able to converse. I guess my question was trying to get at what you answered, is it just better to runnjngingats any paceover perfectly executing certain paces for different runs.


            There are some paces that are just too slow for me. My form deteriorates. So I just run at the slowest possible pace that maintains good form.