5K Heart Rate? (Read 96 times)

    Curious what is the ideal heart rate to race a 5K?


    Tempo/Threshold? a bit beyond? or most of the race at LT and then turn it up the last 3-5mins? to something like VO2.Max?


    I guess I'll look back at my past 5k race data to see average heart rate etc... but am curious if there's a general formula for ideal heart rate % etc.. for a 5k?




    according to various calculators it appears my Anaerobic Threshold should be in the neighborhood of 161-178 bpm...

    300m- 37 sec.

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          If you have a strong desire to start walking while you are running the race, that is the right pace from about .5 to 2.5 miles of the 5K, and of course you are supposed to speed up the next .35 and sprint the last .25.  If you can still stand up straight or walk in a straight line after crossing the finish line you left some time on the course.  Do this a couple of times and see what your HR is during the race. 


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              I generally avg about 90-93% of my max for a 5K depending on weather conditions. However, I never go into a short race like this thinking about a heart rate range. Run fast and hold it then see what your HR is at end.

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                Depending on how fast your run. If you are closer to 40 minutes then you are at about threshold to get the most out of yourself. If you are in the 20's then you are aiming to run a bit above threshold for probably the latter half of the race, with nearly max heart rate on the finishing kick. After crossing the finish line you should be breathing very heavily for a while. If you catch your breathe fairly quickly, when you finish then you have left some in the tank. My advice would be not to focus on heart rate and focus on pace and feeling. Try to run even or slightly negative splits if you are on a relatively flat course. On hilly courses that may not be ideal, so its better to go on feel. To learn your ideal effort try running a few 5k races that are on flat courses. And focus on trying to run consistent pace with a reasonable goal time in mind. As you do this you will gain experience as to what 5k's should really feel like. The other thing I noticed is that when I would race 5k's I found it difficult to run at optimum effort if I had spent most of the previous weeks just logging a lot of miles. Anaerobic work and goal pace specific intervals will also really help you get a feel for the pace and get you used to running in oxygen debt, which will allow you to push yourself harder.


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