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    This week - I had my first 40 mile week and also ran a 13 mile Sunday.....I think this is pretty good and a huge step forward for me (In march I was 20lbs heavier and could only run 1 mile 4 days per week)........ So --- When I got in from my 13 miler on Sunday and proudly told my wife, she said 'WHY' and then looked over to my son and said "I think your Dad is getting a little weird and radical about this running stuff".... WOW --- and I thought I was doing good...and getting in shape...staying strong.....fighting father time....I didnt realize I was getting weird and radical.... I'm glad there is a Running Ahead --- People that understand something that I cant explain to anyone but other runners.......That it feels good to run 40 miles in one week and I dont have to have a reason except that I can do it, so I will What about ther rest of you......do you get this kind of stuff from home after you have a big week ?????

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      No just the look that means "OMG do we have to listen to this again?"

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        No, DH is still in awe, because he knows where I started. He'll stare at me when I tell him I just ran 10 miles and say, "Wow, that's really impressive!" He's very supportive. I do think our neighbors think we're a little odd, since they see all 5 of us on the roads frequently (DD at age 10 up to DH at age 54). It's fun!
          summer 2006: started running. approx 31 min for 5k - and very winded doing so. fall 2007: ran 5k in under 27:00 but still only running off and on. -15 pounds though... summer 2008: started on RunningAhead and it forced me to be more commited... fall 2008: ran 5k in 22:48 and started hearing "aren't you going overboard?" -30 pounds from starting point. overboard? heck I wanted to increase my miles next year gradually up to 50% more per week than I did in '08 and maybe get into the 20:00 range... overboard? I'm finally healthy with only 10 more excess pounds to go. I think the family prefered when I was a recreational jogger and not a runner. But my chances of dying are going down every year despite getting older. I do hear a lot of "you look great" comments... that's nice. But it doesn't happen without running for me. I have not made it to 40 miles in a week yet. That will come in a few months though I hope. I hear 'ya John A. You're doing great.





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            You need to get a t-shirt that says "Weird and Radical"! FWIW, I've been called "obsessed" several times. And there's been plenty of eye-rolling to go along with that. And I'm pretty similar to you - 30 - 40 mpw runner, which is small potatoes around here. Arla

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              Crap, someone caught on that we are weird and radical!





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                It's hard for people that don't run to understand what you accomplish and we probably all bore the crap out of people when we talk about our running but it's a big deal to us. And unless you've always been a runner starting a running routine is hard and it's not easy breaking through barriers but once you get through it's an amazing feeling. So great job on the 40 mile week! RA- the place runners are shown some lovin.
                  Way to go! I am also laughing pretty hard as I just started what has turned into my daily troll around RA ... Monday -- new race reports? Any Bear Attacks? What did you see on your run today? Etc ... yup ... really great community

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                    I have a very supportive DH, he has tried running and didn't really get out of it what I do, but he beams when he tells people how much I run and love it. Even though when I talk about running alot, I know in the back of his mind he's Roll eyes But, he always tells me he's proud of me! I have friends and other family members that do not understand a bit and say I'm crazy, but I also have some great , supportive friends that trek out with me too Smile
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                      This year I started "Streaking" (running at least one mile every day) so I have run every day so far this year. When I told my wife what I was doing, she was very supportive that I had a goal. Unfortunately, for her it meant that she thought I was ONLY going to run one mile a day. So whenever I go out on a Sunday morning and tell her I'll be gone an hour I get "Why? I thought you were just doing a mile."
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                        My wife gives me a loving "Why do you do that to yourself?" when I really put myself out there - marathons, more miles than degrees, that sort of thing. Here's a though: Ghandi - weird and radical MLK - weird and radical Mother Theresa - weird and radical Hawking - you guessed it - weird and radical Name one person that accomplished something great that didn't qualify as weird and radical

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                            If I wasn't a runner, I wouldn't have met my wife. She puts up with it, and once she's out of law school she'll hopefully join in more often again.

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                              keep on being weird! Big grin I dont know that dh gets it, but he gets that I need it which is all that matters.

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                              "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

                                I dont know that dh gets it, but he gets that I need it which is all that matters.
                                Pretty much my wife's stance too. She likes me better when I'm running too, even if she doesn't get it.

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