Happy Birthday to Kooky Cheapdate (Read 569 times)

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    Claire, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Robin


      Vicki: is this an annual event? I saw your profile pic and all the ladies in the back are in their bras too. I need to find a way in to that event...
      Yup its the Moonwalk which is organised by Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research. Its a 26mile course through the streets of London at night which usually takes place around May/June each year. The only rules are that you have to walk and you have to wear a bra (hand decorated of course) - they do other events throughout the year too all of which involve bras and they send teams to marathons all over the world so there may be one near you! Check out www.walkthewalk.org for more info. Oh and men can take part but you have to wear a bra too - but I'm sure all you boys would look just lovely with a set of D-cups!! Wink
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      Now that was a bath...

        Ha - thanks for the pics/video/well wishes. Vicki - Happy birthday girl! I'm a brit too so we have a lot in common. I'm originally from Bristol, but I moved to London when I was young and lived all over that town. I've been here in NZ for two and a half years now. Nice to share my birthday! Claire xxx
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