Ran my first 10 miler! (Read 687 times)

    I've been running on and off for years, but this is the first real distance for me. I have never run more than 8 before recently. I actually attempted 10 last weekend but measured wrong and did 9 1/2. Bummer. I saw someone else do a similar post and thought about it my whole run yesterday. Here are a list of the things I learned on my long run. 1. Stash water 2. Break the run up into sections, I ran 30 minutes to my water stops and then walked for 2 min. 3. Wave to the neighbors, they might let you use the hose someday. 4 . It is no shame to walk a little bit. 5. My mantra " how many women your age (44) are running 10 miles today?" 6. Don' t look up on the hills, watch the road in front of your feet.l 7. Relax your shoulders. 8. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE BULLS! Think Big, horns, nosering. the works. 9. You gotta get home somehow. 10. Next time more lubrication everywhere. It wasn't fast or pretty but I did it and feel great today.

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      Way to go lisa! Awesome milestone! Heh, I have to repeat #7 to myself constantly! Congratulations again! Onward and upward... Wink

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        Great job! I did my first 10 miler on Saturday also. I thought I was going to die. I wish I had seen your tips before the run! Mine was not fast or pretty either, but hey, I just ran 10 miles! Congrats again.

          Great job to both of you. Great feeling, isn't it?





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            Fantastic - there's something magical about 10 mi. And guess what? You have something to look forward to...they get sooo much easier. After my first one, I was simply DONE for the day. Fast forward, and now they're no big deal. Arla

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              10. Next time more lubrication everywhere.
              Sometimes that lesson is really learned the hard way (hush up, you pervs! Wink). Nice work, Lisa! Today 10, tomorrow 20! Big grin

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                Congratulations, Lisa! It does get easier. I've started adding in walking breaks, also, after several "real" runners assured me that it's OK! Makes the runs much more pleasant. One other suggestion - make sure you're hydrated before you begin running. I don't go nuts, but I do drink a little extra the night before and the morning of my run. My runing partner didn't do that today, and our 10.6-mile run was hell for her. I didn't figure out until close to the end why she was having a hard time, but then it dawned on me to ask her if she had enough to drink and she said no. Shocked Now she knows! I stayed with her for awhile after we were done, I was so worried about her. Her husband was at home, so I told him about it.