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    Hi everyone.


    As a bit of a background I used to be a relatively serious fun runner (70+ miles per week, in the 34's for a 10K) - but that was a few years ago before covid hit and priorities changed.


    I'm trying to get back into shape again. I did a 37:30 10K recently and I'm running 10K a day most days, with no speedwork or long runs etc, so I'm not doing bad but I'm far from the 2019 heyday


    The problem I'm having is that I'm really struggling to keep these 10 K's up, I feel constantly fatigued, I never really feel vey fresh. I remember this feeling from when I was running 70+ MPW, but this made more sense due to the very high mileage and hard sessions. I'm late 30's now but I fail to admit that 2 years has pushed me from 70+ MPW to not far of half that and feeling fatigued all of the time.


    I have my strength and conditioning routine, I think this works and stops me getting injured (touch wood!) - but one thing I have never really dabbled in as much as I should is a proper stretching/flexibility/yoga routine. Whenever I went to the physio he always said I was comically tight everywhere.


    I want to incorporate a 15 minutes (ish) routine into my day to help with this, see if it helps with the issues above. Has anyone got a descent routine or got suggestions to video's/books that could help?


    Online there seems to be a lot of information but not a lot that I find particularly useful, just books for of (literally) 100+ stretches with no routine of how to implement them. As such I'm a bit stuck on where to start. I want to generally improve my stiffness and flexibility


    Any suggestions on how to go about this?


    Many thanks


    Train SMART

      Stretching does not relieve tightness. Tightness is a protective mechanism. With your fatigue, you are over training and under recovering. Take 3 days off from running and just walk. Then for one week run slowly but only 4 runs. Just what feels like a pace you could run forever. This should get you feeling better. Then I suggest a 5K time trial to determine your 5K race pace. I can then give you some training paces allowing you to build your mileage. Right now with how you are feeling, 90% of your miles should feel easy. 10% of miles can include some straining or work outs but not too crazy. This is your ticket to gradually increase your miles. Recovering better will ease your tightness.

      Creator of SMART Approach. Get Faster By Running Slower and Recovering Better


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