It's LibRary! There's an R in there! (Read 694 times)


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    It's eSpresso, not eXpresso, thank you very much!

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        Thread half-life is achieved when things repeat.


        As for expresso, lots of mexican food places seem to have "macho burritos" and... "expresso burritos".  Don't order the essssspresso burrito or you might get stink eye.


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          Resolution for 2013. Stop being one of the A H's. Wheel Of Fortune contestant lost for swimmin. I see myself in this thread. Did not like it. Just sayin.

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          Little Blue

            That guy who fixes your back?  A co-worker pronounced it choir-practor every single time.

              Wheel Of Fortune contestant lost for swimmin.




              But...reminds me of my favorite poem:


              Women, women, I like women

              We take our clothes off, and we go swimmin


              submitted in a 10th grade poetry contest. Finalist, if I recall.

              Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
              We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

                Two more for the "pronouncing letters that aren't there" category:

                   There's no t at the end of across.

                   There's no h at the end of height.


                Oh, and I did see myself in one of the previous posts, but since my pronunciation is supported by Merriam-Webster, I have no intention of changing it.  Joking



                  . The last one is "discrete" vs. "discreet".


                  I never knew this. I always thought one word meant both "distinct and separate" AND "careful not to divulge secrets". lol, there is a sort of connection between these 2 meanings, which i guess is often the root of the errors to begin with.


                     Don't order the essssspresso burrito or you might get stink eye.


                    I lived in New Mexico for 2 years and I got stink eye every time i tried to speak Spanish. In fact I was once taunted by a pack of little street urchins for about a half block after saying "Como esta usted?".