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    Approximately eleventy zillion years ago, RA had a similar thread I can no longer find, so let's try again!


    Post the good things you have seen on a run.


    Mine was 2 super cute dogs:


    Runs like a dj mixing songs while wearing festive outfits.
    5k PR 5/31/21 24:21 

    10k PR 5/23 54:43

    HM PR 1/2024 1:59:10

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      Maybe you were thinking back to this topic from yesteryear...


      Weirdest thing you've ever seen on the ground during a run..?

      Acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.


      Runs in the rain

        Twice I have seen at a distance, a bald eagle on my run! I recently helped get a big snapping turtle off the road. Beginning of this June the Goodyear blimp passed like 50 feet overhead. I've also had fighter jets and WWII cargo planes (here for an airshow) fly over when I'm running. There used to be a Model T Ford that would motor past me. as well as sometimes I see other vintage cars. I also recently found a twenty dollar bill and a few times I have found playable CDs. I did find a DVD of "Fifty Shades of Grey" by the roadside. Sometimes I pick up tools or knives that someone lost. Once I found someone's wallet and when I returned it, he insisted I take an award. As for pets, the other week someone had a large python draped over his shoulders. People on horses are fairly common.

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          Wow! Lots of fun sightings!

          Runs like a dj mixing songs while wearing festive outfits.
          5k PR 5/31/21 24:21 

          10k PR 5/23 54:43

          HM PR 1/2024 1:59:10


            During my last visit to Spain, a guide led me on a remarkable run through the city. He showed me many secret places that are not usually seen on regular tours. We visited interesting areas, saw important historical sites, and found a small café hidden in an alleyway. I must tell you, running in the streets of Spain and experiencing the views, noises and scents was quite unique. Should you be in Spain, I arranged a customized tour through https://gowithguide.com/spain I suggest trying it if you are there. For me, the best part of our run was when we were jogging in the tight paths of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. It felt as if we had travelled back into history because of the old-style buildings and stone-paved roads. Additionally, we stopped at the beautiful Barcelona Cathedral. It was very impressive to see. Jogging by those old walls while bell sounds were reverberating around us is something I will remember for a long time. 

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              Funny bumping into this thread today. I was running the local trails today and saw a man and a woman walking sheep. Two of them, on leashes.

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                I live in the Baltimore suburbs.  There are certain hills where I could see the Key Bridge.

                  5/11/24 Grizzly Peak Marathon, Berkeley, CA

                  7/20/24 Tahoe Rim Trail 56 miler, NV

                  9/21/24 Mountain Lakes 100, OR

                    I saw three swans frozen into the ice last week.  By the time I finished my run and returned with a camera, two of them had got free and were standing on the ice next to the third.  Later in the day, they had left.  And they were too far away to get a good photo.


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                    not bad for mile 25

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