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    Good afternoon folks! I was hoping that I would be able to upload a major release but it's taking a lot longer than anticipated. In the mean while, the little changes and fixes were piling up so I uploaded those instead. It's been a while since the last time I uploaded so in a way, I'm past due. If a page is not displaying properly, please force a reload of the entire page because some of the scripts have changed. Here's a summary of what's new. Map Locator After hearing your feedbacks and thinking a lot about it, I decided to release the map locator. It is now the primary method of looking for routes. The old method is still around, and is useful if you want to search for specific keywords. You will find the locator in both the Tools and Community's toolbars as "Find Routes". If you're logged in, the default starting location is whatever you set in your preferences. If you haven't set it, you should go to the Options pages (upper right hand corner). There are lots of things you can set in there and will make your stay here more enjoyable. More importantly, you'll create less work for Wingz. Back to the locator. You can also go to another location by typing in the city as well. The locator has some simple filtering mechanisms. You can give a distance range of the maps that you're interested in. For example, type in 13 and 15 to display only maps of that distance. Note that the routesappear as markers on the map. I would love to display them as routes, but displaying them that way will be very slow. Instead, the route is displayed when you click on the marker. There's also a "Race courses only" checkbox. The idea is as you create maps, you should specify if the map is a race course. This way, when others are looking for race routes, say "Peachtree 10k" in Atlanta, all they have to do is check this checkbox and only the races will be displayed. One last note on the locator, it only displays a limited number of markers, again, for performance reasons. If an area has too many maps, then only a subset of them will be displayed. You can tell if there are more maps by the prompt on the upper right corner of the map. It will say "Please zoom in to view more maps". 1000 Mile Club I added support for the 1000 mile club. Don't go to the group and look now because it's not visible yet. Trust me, it's done. I decided to wait until the New Year to flip the switch on this one, so everyone can start at the same time. I'm not trying to tease you, just want to assure you that the group is ready for you. If you're really curious about what it looks like, then you can look at the Group distance tracking thread in Suggestions and Feature Requests. It looks something similar to Ron's second design (fifth post in that thread). On a related note, if anyone is interested in creating groups for other distances (500 miles, 1500 miles, 1000 km), let me know and I can turn it on for you too. Calculators I added a set of calculators to the Tools section. There are still a few more that I want to add but couldn't get around to working on them. Hopefully, the interface is intuitive enough. If you want to add other calculators, just drop me a note, preferrably with the formula as well, but not required. Bug Fixes The following bugs are now fixed: c48 - missing the < s="" /> tag for the forum c35 - error when you specify a shoe price greater than a certain value c45 - expanded field size for race results c53 - added a distance tolerance for person records (26.2 and 26.22 miles are now treated as the same) c41 - fixed map printing page display distance markers in kilometers only. Again, I like to thank my beta testers, you should too because, as always, they do an awesome job in finding bugs so you don't have to. I think that's everything. Enjoy! eric Smile

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      This guy is too modest! "Little changes and fixes" indeed! Whoot, Eric!

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        I forgot something! For your folks that use the scripts on your blogs and websites to display your stats, I added a personal records that lists just that.
          Thanks eric for all your wonderful work and for listening to us so patiently. Ewa
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            Thanks Eric! That's great stuff!!!
              Awesome! Thanks for the changes, Eric!
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                Thanks Eric, looking great Big grin
                  Eric, I have done some preliminary work with Garimin data files from the ForeRunner 305. It is just some C# object model source code generated from the Garmin schema but it might be of some use to you. I've also done some preliminary work on XSLTs to translate garmin courses and history to GPX which is an open export format for GPS data. You might be able to support more formats by writing your importer for GPX and then adding filters to convert other formats to GPX. Just a though. Drop me a line at gobrien@oai.cc Thanks for the system by the way. Very impressive.

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                    Eric - thanks so much for all of this. I used the map locator the other day (expecting to find nothing as I live in Papatoetoe New Zealand) and was so excited to see someone elses maps just north of me! So cool! As soon as I can drive I might go check out their routes. I also wanted to add that I am currently under a sport's physio/rehab for my knee injury and I used my log/summary page from this site so that they could see what I am doing. The therapists were really impressed and promptly asked for the URL so that they could take a peek! Keep up the excellent work. You've made running a pleasure for a newbie like me and have definitely provided me with the tools and the support to make this easier. Claire xxx
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                      Just played around with the race time predictor. Very nice, Eric. It's the first one I've used that lets you put in two races at different distances to create your own coefficient. Very cool. Nice work, as always.

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                        Mike, I try my best to not do things half assed. <--- can i use that here? anyway, it takes probably twice as long to create, but they also work better in the end so the extra effort is well worth it. what do you think about that particular calculator? is its predictions anything near reality? eric :) can="" i="" use="" that="" here?="" anyway,="" it="" takes="" probably="" twice="" as="" long="" to="" create,="" but="" they="" also="" work="" better="" in="" the="" end="" so="" the="" extra="" effort="" is="" well="" worth="" it.="" what="" do="" you="" think="" about="" that="" particular="" calculator?="" is="" its="" predictions="" anything="" near="" reality?="" eric=""></--- can i use that here? anyway, it takes probably twice as long to create, but they also work better in the end so the extra effort is well worth it. what do you think about that particular calculator? is its predictions anything near reality? eric :)>

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                          What do you think about that particular calculator? Is its predictions anything near reality?
                          It appears to be about as accurate as you can get if you use two recent race times at different distances. I've only raced twice in 6 months and before that had a long hiatus so I would guess my aerobic base is still lacking. When I take my recent 5K and Half time and predict, say, a marathon, it predicts almost exactly what I would have guessed, and gives a personal coefficient of 1.0734. Pretty cool.

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