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    just following njdave's lead in introducing myself. hello, i'm ae123. i like endurance sports. i've been training for about 5 years, i'm 27. before that, 4 years rest. before that high school sports(track, b-ball, x-country) aka another 4 years of training. before that, not much. what i am now? what those 9 years have made me. what do i want to do with it now? maybe you all will be a part of that. thats ae123: a very very brief history. so i can just ask questions and chime in whenever i feel like it? thats what this place is?
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      Welcome, ae123! Yes, feel free to ask questions and chime in whenever you like. In addition to being the best little running community on the net, that's exactly what this place is.

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        Hey ae123, I kind of like your screen name! Welcome!

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          hey ae123! also check the usergroups for folks in your area or for areas of interest

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            so i can just ask questions and chime in whenever i feel like it? thats what this place is?
            That's exactly what this place is! Welcome Smileq
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              I'd like to add my welcome and convey a suggestion to all newcomers to the site: please make your logs public (go to Options | My Log Preferences and check "Allow everyone to see my running log"). Whenever people have questions or discuss their running, workouts, injuries, performance, races, etc, etc, its really helpful to the rest of us to be able to see what your running history looks like. Feel free to do the same with your profile (Options | My Profile Preferences) so we can learn a little bit about you. Go ahead and fill in some information about yourself too. Its not mandatory that you do either, of course, but its a good way to get more immersed in the community here. Smile

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                Welcome aboard ae123

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                  Welcome! Big grin
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                  i can't hang

                    thank you for the suggestions berner. no log for now, though. i'm dealing with a pretty serious lower back injury that i'm going to have to get straightened out before i devote myself again to a regimine. i would like to see what everyone else is talking about and maybe learn some things. like i said, or maybe i didn't, i just like "talking shop" with regard to sports and training and stuff. thank you everyone for your kind welcome, hopefully i can be of some service.
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