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    I had one Monday. Ain't no thing. I usually try to stick through it, and if I can't, I just write it off.



    Better I Leave

      Thanks again folks. Gonna have another go at it today and see how I fair. Raining like a sumbitch up here in the Mother Lode so it'll be the treadmill once again. Smile

        I can usually tell when a bad day is coming.....at about the 1/2 mile mark I have to stop cause I feel crappy and need to breath (no matter how slowly I am running) and then usually at about the 1 mile mark I start feeling my calves.....by 1 1/2 to 2 miles my calves are BARKING at me and I check my pace to see its about 30 seconds to a minute slower than normal and I feel like I've run 8 to 10 miles already......


        THEN, I normally stop running and walk home, take a nice long hot bath......and try it again the next day and I usually have a good run....


        This happens about once per month........or so

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          I certainly hope this is just a "one off" as my half is 8 days away. I felt fine all day, ate proper and even had a few days off from running due to family obligations. I had an hour after work so I thought I'd knock out an easy 6 miles of treadmill work at the gym before heading home....right...



          I run like shit on my next workout after more then a day off. Could be what happened to you.


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            I agree with Tater and Burnt Toast. You'd think you'd be rested and fresh after a few days off but it doesn't seem to work that way.

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            Better I Leave

              I agree with Tater and Burnt Toast. You'd think you'd be rested and fresh after a few days off but it doesn't seem to work that way.

               Perhaps so! I went to the gym over lunch and knocked out 40 minutes today w/ an 8:45 over the entire duration...whew. I was thinking about my last run being this forthcoming Wednesday for my half on Saturday. Maybe I should just go for one last long run this weekend and a series of short runs up to race day, eh?


              **Goes off to search other pre-half strategy threads**

              Big grin

                Maybe your treadmill was a minute or two out of calibration.  The joke's on you!

                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.


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                  Bad runs make the good runs that much better!


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