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    Has anybody else feel the same way as I do ?? On my rest days i feel the need to eat everything in sight...on most days i can't quite control the urge and ended up eating about twice as much as I do on running days...so far hasn't had too much effect on weight (still slowly but steadily losing weight) ... is there some sort of physiological reason or is it physicological ???
      I thought it was just because I had all that extra time on my hands... Big grin

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        Count me amongst the rest day piggies...though I'm a run day piggy, too. I started running with the intention of losing my last 15#s or so. That was 6 months ago and I haven't lost a pound. Running MAKES me hungry, unfortunately (and I find that I justify a lot of hoggish eating on my increased activity level..."hey, I just ran _ miles, I deserve that _____"). My MIL is one of those lucky naturally thin Ectomorphs who find that running decreases her appetite, so it makes it even easier for her to stay thin. Just one reason I'd like to smack her. k

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          Perhaps you're just not eating enough (or enough of the right foods) on days you run....the body usually craves what it needs. Make sure you're getting enough calories! And don't deprive yourself of a treat here and there....dark chocolate is one of the food groups! (do they still even have food groups?) Smile
            ....dark chocolate is one of the food groups!
            I keep trying to tell people that but they don't believe me Wink Anyway they say that if your not getting enough of the right foods to fuel your running that you will end up super hungry as well as craving alot of things you shoudn't eat (at least not much off lol). For myself I find that when running and maintaining my weight it's easy to eat clean ( usually eating between 2100-2400 calories) now when I'm running and not eating enough and losing weight than I find that I am SUPER hungry and having a really hard time eating clean.

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              Here's a strange one: When I have planned days off from running (or if I cross-train/weight lift heavily on off-days), my eating doesn't change But if I have days off when I was supposed to run, but I don't get to run - whether it's because I'm sick or hurt or lazy or just can't run - then I have wierd cravings. Like a pregant woman. Actually, like this guy:
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