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And in the end...

    Everybody's running!  Yeah!


    degregorius: Those ladder workouts can be a lot of fun!  Tough, but fun!  I ran Madison back in '07 (I think) and loved it.  I had run Bayshore in Traverse City the day before but actually ran Madison faster.  It was my first double marathon.  I ran it again in '08 and spent more time at the BratFest afterwards... the first few miles of the race aren't very exciting, but parts of the course are really nice.  The arboretum was particularly nice.  Weather is the biggest factor, though.


    Melody: Awesome running!  Consistency is everything (and something I've been struggling with lately).


    Today I had the time so I put in my first 20 miler in quite a while.  Legs are feeling it, but they're servicable.  The key for me is keeping it going through next week... consistency!


    Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.


      My last run was 20 miler this morning.  Run outside, thankfully.  I usually run pre-dawn and all the snow means no clear sidewalks or paths to run on and 5 am in the middle of the road is not ideal.  The treadmill and I have spent a lot of quality time together of late.  This was 20 miler #2 of marathon training, and much easier than #1 which was a trail race in the mud with ridiculous hills.

      Passed a guy running the opposite direction this morning who looked like I imagine MrMattM to look.  But probably it was just the sunglasses  ...

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        8.7 hilly miles in glorious sunshine with a pass through the park at the lake.  Ran a similar route y'day for 9.2 miles.  Weekdays are primarily shorter TM runs with resistance training.  Mopping floors now, with some touch-up painting later.

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        And in the end...


          Passed a guy running the opposite direction this morning who looked like I imagine MrMattM to look.  But probably it was just the sunglasses  ...


          Well, we are in the same city... more or less.  Cool


          Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

          And in the end...

            I drank today.


            Added a d and k to fix it for ya...


            Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

            12 Monkeys

              I ran today.


              I didn't.


              But I did brew some beer.

              Get off my porch

                  tougher than I thought.


                  My first 16 miler that put me over my most ever miles in a week with 62.6 miles total for the week.


                  I cheated and had my wife drop me off so the 20 mph wind was mostly behind me all the way home, but it was sunny and the temperature topped out at 81.  I ran out of water with 4 miles to go but my wife was awesome enough to meet me about 1.5 miles from home with another bottle.

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                  Happy to be here.

                    Hey all, long time no post.  Looks like everyone is doing great!


                    I ran 4.5 yesterday and 6 today...the first two runs since the sinusitis crapola.  I'm done with the meds tomorrow and I'm hoping that my head feels a little less loopy.  I may scrap the half marathon in two weeks so I can slowly ease back into some high mileage weeks.  My May marathon is way more important at this point.



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                    Next Marathon:  2015???

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                        Greetings again All!!  Hope some of you haven't forgotten about me.  Smile


                        If you'll remember, I was supplementing running with P90X Lean over our northern winter months.  I started on December 2nd.  January 6th I ran a surprisingly comfortable 6 miles.  That was my last run before a 5 mile race on 3/2.  Right or wrong, I was taking a whole lot of confidence in that comfortable run on 1/6, and taking a lot of confidence in the fitness that P90X Lean was providing.  Needless to say, I was nervous about how I'd run, would I be slow, would my knees hurt (couple surgeries), was my cardio system prepared, etc...


                        To quote Clark Griswold....'If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now'.


                        Not only did I run comfortably, I smashed my previous PR of a 7:48 pace (a 4.4 mile trail run 9/2012).  I ran 5 miles at a 7:29 pace.  My previous best 5 mile time was 39:52, I beat that by over two minutes.  The race felt excellent, and I was pretty charged up.  My running season has started on a personal high, hoping to carry it throughout.


                        I scrolled through the board pretty quickly, but it's good to see some of the same names that have been around for a while.


                        I plan to be here more once I'm back to my full running schedule.  Already registered for a 5k on 3/16 and my first 5k trail run is 4/14....I'm hoping the snow is gone by then.


                        Cheers All!!!



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                          snerb CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome race! So good to see you.

                          Don't forget to pop over here to our groups and say hi. That's where all the folks are.

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                            My last run was a fantastic 4.5 miler, it was almost like I couldn't keep up with my own legs. Smile  Also, ran past a Bald Eagle sitting 25 yards out in a field eating.  He didn't mind me one bit.  Pretty neat.

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