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    Hi, I'm a newish runner, and am training for my first marathon (Portland, OR). The race is Oct. 1. I'm using Hal Higdon's 18-week novice training schedule, and on the advice of a more experienced friend, started early so I'd not get behind if I got sick, hurt, went on vacation and had to miss a long run, etc. So far the training is going ok. Assuming I don't take a lot of time off and keep moving forward in the training schedule, I'm wondering what to do when I get to the end of the training schedule (I'm in week 7 now; my weekend long run is a 12) - but am still several weeks away from the race. Should I repeat weeks? Should I go all the way to the end, and keep doing longer distance long runs, before the pre-race taper? Any thoughts would be appreciated! -Allan
      I'm trying to train for my first half marathon this Nov. I've taken Higdon's schedules and tampered considerably with them. My approach was to sprinkle in my extra weeks throughout the program so that I had a more gradual progression and more time to adapt. I don't know yet how it will work, but that was how I was looking at it! However you work it, you'll want to time your marathon taper to start 3 weeks out from the race. Good luck! Janell

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        How many weeksare there between the last long run and your marathon? Higdon puts three.
          I'm following the same plan for Chicago on Oct 22nd. I am just starting the training program and added three weeks of 2 mile runs to the beginning of the plan for a total of 21 weeks. But that doesn't help you now in week 7. Tongue
            Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Assuming I maintain on the current schedule, I'll do my last long run (20 miles) 8 weeks before the marathon. Undecided I'm thinking I should repeat some weeks before I get there so I don't finish the schedule so early. Either that or get to the end - the 20 - drop back down to shorter long runs for a few weeks - then go back up to do another 20? Then taper the 3 weeks before the race.
              I followed Higdons Intermediate 1 training schedule. I started 3 weeks early to cover any lost runs. I did however, decide that I would stick to the 20miler into the taper schedule, no matter what. So all of my padding was before that. I stuck to the last 4 weeks, just as scheduled. I felt like I was prepared. If I could figure out how to avoid blisters and lost toenails, I'd be good to go. Wink
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                I think what everyone is saying makes the most sense. An 8-week long taper would be a little too long, I think, but you also don't want to hold up that 20-miler intensity for that long either! So, in my humble opinion, I think it's probably best if you stick in some "moderate" weeks around right now (and should probably include at least one "step-back" easier week too). Don't do anything too dramatic... Just keep getting out there and I think you'll be fine.
                  If I could figure out how to avoid blisters and lost toenails, I'd be good to go. Wink
                  Bigger shoes? That's what I've heard anyway...

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                    Great comments and ideas. Thank you. Doing some moderate weeks now and then sticking to the longer scheduled runs later makes good sense. (I haven't yet experienced blisters and lost toenails...I guess I may still have that to look forward to!) Happy running, everyone.