Do I have a shot at winning my locall midnight mile race? (Read 115 times)


    I have no idea what kind of shape I am in 5k and mile wise because I have been working on my half marathon time while also building up to completing a full at a decent pace (well, a decent pace for me but probably considered a snail pace here. My town has this race annually, it is a fun non-competitive and fairly small race and there is a £50 cash prize for both the winning male and the winning female. I think 2nd and 3rd get shopping vouchers or a free meal or something like that.

    I looked at the race results for the last few years and the winning male is normally around 5 low and the winning female is usually 5 high / 6 low. This race is in 7 days so I figured I would sign up and run it as a time trial but mainly to get the money because I am pretty broke right now and the cash prize would go a long way with grocery shopping.

    I did a sharpening work out today, I didn’t do a time trial because I figured a workout with volume would have more worth especially since I have been doing more mileage lately.

    I managed 4 x 800 with 3:30 rest.
    3:11 / 3:07 / 3:11 / 2:59

    Ideally, I think around 5:59 is what I would need to stand a chance. Could I do it based on this workout?

      If you are running it for grocery money, you most likely have a damn lot more motivation than anyone else out there. And if random internet affirmation is what you seek, I say, you got this*. Best of luck.



      *not based on that workout, which is fine (a lot of rest), and not a lot of reps, but still, I mean, it's fine, just not much to go on to predict your ultimate mile time. And what you need to do is beat everyone else, which you are motivated to do, so go get em...

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        I ran a bunch of 3:30 800s, on 3:00 rest as well to get a 6:48 a while ago, so you have a shot. The third lap is where local mile races are won or lost. If you can gut it out through that lap without slowing down, I think you have a decent chance of seeing a 5 : xx.  What the x will be, depends on how badly you need that money.


          Sure you could do it, but if that's all I have to go on, my money would be on no.  I assume you ran the final 800 all out, and that put you on the pace you needed.  I would suspect that 3 800s at a fairly relaxed pace with large rest periods would leave you less tired than running another 800 all out immediately before the final lap, especially since your relatively high mileage probably allows you to recover quickly.  But there are way too many variables to account for , so anybody here would just be guessing. My guess would be 6:08.

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            Did you won it?

            On the roads again...

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                The O.P's name is in black, so she's no longer on this forum


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