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    Wondering if anyone has experience recovering from groin injury? After some research online, it looks like I have an adductor strain. I have been dealing with soreness in my groin and lower abdomen for the past 3 weeks. Initially I thought it was just normal muscle soreness and continued to train normally, but last week it got markedly worse. I took three days off which seemed to help but after going for a run yesterday I woke up feeling sore again. So I guess I need to shut it down and give it more time to heal. I didn't think I was overdoing it, but I am perennially bad at working enough stretching in. If I take the rest of the month off, can I expect to be back running in March? Would it help to do some cross-training on the bike or is that pushing it? I still plan to keep up with my walking as I need the exercise for my mental health and staying on target with my weight loss. Any advice is appreciated.

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      Avoid anything that irritates it.  Movement and cross training is good. Sometimes minor strains need to run their course. Strengthen muscles around area and don't overstretch. Any pain with walking?

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        Definitely shut it down if it's still irritated.  Adductor/groin area is constantly engaged, even things like rolling over in bed can irritate it.


        As Tchuck said, work on core and hip stability around the injured area and avoid stretching.  I've gotten good results from working with a pelvic floor therapist and addressing back and neck issues.  So you might not need that degree of intervention, but it illustrates how activating the correct deep core muscles around the injured area can help.

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          I totally agree with the comments above. These were really helpful to me.


            I had a similar injury last fall - I believe it was the hip flexor located towards the outside of my left hip.  I'm pretty sure the injury occurred while doing some yoga which I thought would help get me through my half marathon training.  There was one stretch that I just took too far.  It was rather painful, and I would feel it while rolling over in bed at night.  After my half marathon, I hoped the injury might go away if I were to drop my mileage for a few weeks but it did not.  What really helped was applying heat and gentle stretching.....and in a few weeks it was gone.  I believe the heat was helpful as it helped increase blood flow to the area.