Let SparkPeople Help You (Read 423 times)

    SparkPeople.com is a totally free Diet/Exercise/Life style web site that keeps you from guessing about calories vs. calories burned. I have been a member for a little over 2 months and lost about 26lbs. Want to know the best part? It is totally free and I do mean totally. Check it out. Do me a favor, if you do sign-up....Say Sabre11 referred so I can get SparkPoints.
      Hey Sabre! Smile Glad to see a familiar face. I found SparkPeople while training for my first half marathon. The foodtracker was a great tool for keeping track of my protein and carb intake as well as all the other nutrients I like to keep track of. I also give Spark credit for keeping me from getting dehydrated while running in the 90+ degree weather this summer. It is a great site. Teresa
        It's sounds like you love it like I love it. I don't quite have the aspirations to do a marathon but I am enjoying running more and more. I'm looking for my first 5k.
          Also here to throw in some props to Spark People. (And thanks to Sabre for pointing me to this site!)
            Another vote for Spark People here! I've lost 8.5 pounds over the past 2.5 months, and I'm only 1.5 pounds from goal!