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    Greetings Everyone! I've been on RA for just over a year now, but I don't think I've said Hello yet. I'm a 27yo Firefighter in Kern County California (Bakersfield) though I live in Palmdale about 60min north of Los Angeles. I've never been much of a runner growing up but have been more or less forced to start running due to my job. It was really rough at first and I hated every day that I ran during my fire academy. However, when I graduated I was in the best shape of my life. In the nearly 4 years since then I have had my ups and downs with running, but as of late, I have been more motivated and excited to run. I'm still only running around 3 miles but am determined to improve. My goal is to someday be able to run a marathon, starting with something small like the annual Bakersfield Volkslauf (http://www.volkslauf.com/) and eventually a 25k or something. RA has been a huge asset to help keep me motivated and see my progress. I can't wait for the new version to see what new features will be available.

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      My name is Thomas. I'm 29 and live in Nashville, TN. I just started running 1 month ago and just quit smoking 2 days ago! I've always been pretty active (snowboarding, wakeboarding, disc golf, softball, etc.), but other than a 5k that I ran 7 years ago with no training, I haven't ever really been a runner. I wish I had started sooner because I'm addicted now! I was actually about to start a site similar to this, with more of an emphasis on finding places to run whenever I travel somewhere new. But this site lets me do that plus does a much better job of tracking my runs than the previous site I was using so I guess I'm here to stay.

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        Hi. Paul. Avid blogger on Runner's World, looking for a new home. I use RA for logging, and now my wife uses it for blogs. So yeah, I'm gonna check it out. K. Bye.
          Hey Guys, Ryan here. I have been around the Running Ahead community for close to a year now and I just wanted to formally introduce myself. I am an ex-cool running logger who migrated here after having a terrible experience on Active.com. In fact, one of the complaint boards on active mentioned RA which turned me on to the logs. I am really hyped up on running and I hoping to go for broke over the next few years to drop my 5K times. I have started to ponder about some longer races as well; perhaps 10K, half, or even marathon. I have never really considered myself a distance runner but more of middle distance, but I find that 5K+ races are in greater supply which has spurred my interest. In case anyone wonders, manInBlack has a dual meaning for me. 1) an homage to the real Man in Black - Johnny Cash 2) my affinity for running in all black, from my black running shoes, socks, up to black beanie in the winter I have been too lazy thus far to post any picture with my profile, but I am meaning to get on that.... Thanks to everyone on the site and to Eric for all the hard work on log. Everything is well thought out and it is much appreciated. Ryan


            Hi all, Just found this site...pretty cool. I live in North Carolina just outside the Raleigh area. I've been running for about 3 years now. In that time I've done 3 marathons, several half-marathons and a trail 50K. I've had all sorts of running injuries during this time, but recently discovered Chi Running several months ago and I'm now running injury free except for a partially torn gluteus medius, which I've had for about a year now that I think is slowly getting bette. I really enjoy running and I'm glad racing season is finally upon us. I have at least 1 race planned each month for the next 5 months. Now I just need to figure out this site and see what's available to me. Looking forward to chatting with you all in the forums. Jon
              Just found this site about a week ago while looking for a place to log my "return to running." I was a pretty good runner in high school and during college (ran for college teams freshman year, wasn't for me....). Ran two half marathons my sophomore year of college (as a 19 year old) in back-to-back weekends. Ran 1:18:08 the first one in the rain for the win over a small field, ran a 1:17:13 for 9th place over a large field. (See log for proof/details). I was in the best shape of my life then..and I tailed off after that for a variety of reasons...job, nagging injuries...........I ran regularly for the next year, but not quite as seriously..then after college I let my job hours completely take over and pretty much lost my way as far as running is concerned. I've run VERY rarely over the past two and a half years or so.......now I'm 24 and I'm still healthy, but maybe 15 pounds heavier than my racing weight. I've made a couple half-hearted attempts to get back into running this year....I was able to run 13 times in September..probably for a total of 25 miles. Now I've found this site and I'm totally motivated to get back into things for good. Reading the forums and about people racing has got me pumped to get back into shape..and great shape at that. I consider myself to be perfect for the marathon...good strong legs that can pound out a ton of miles (especially love hills..I own them) and a strong will to push through pain (but not injury). Hopefully I can just build a nice base for the next three months or so..perhaps get my mileage up to the mid 40s by the beginning of 2009..and then focus on getting into half marathon shape for the spring and perhaps get ready for my first marathon before my 25th birthday (late September).
              PRs: 1 mile-4:46 (high school track), 2 mile-10:10 (high school track), 5K-16:26 (college track), 8K-28:26 (college XC), 10K-33:59 (road race), HM-1:17:13
                I was actually about to start a site similar to this, with more of an emphasis on finding places to run whenever I travel somewhere new.
                www.mapmyrun.com is nice for finding new runs, but it is somewhat cluttered with adverts.


                  Hey! Just found this site while trying to become re-motivated to run! I am a stay at home mama of 3, living in southern college town (with a Master in Ed & a Real Estate license!) who has been running for, gosh, half my life, since I was 18. I am now 36. My youngest is 7 months - when she was 1 month old I signed up for Muddy Buddy & became exremely motivated - I ran/biked that in June when she was 12 weeks old...since then I have been LAZY!! I love to run, but have not re-found my love for running! I have run one full marathon, 5-6 halfs, several 10k's and too many 5k's to remember! We have trails around our house that I have run on a couple of times but my running motto has always been "See & Be Seen!" so it is mainly road running for me.
                    Hello, I've been here at RA for approximately 9 months. I used to log my runs at Cool Running, but that turned into a big mess as most know. So, I came here back in Jan - Feb 2008. Really enjoy using the log and learning from other much more experienced runners. Never participated in any of the forums but figured I would give it a shot by submitting my first entry here. Plus, I want to see if it worked alright.

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                      Hello all. I am a first year high school Cross Country coach who discovered the site the summer of 08, before I started coaching. I love the site and I am going to make my CC runners use it in the 09 sason. I liked this site so much, I made an internet running site of my own. It is designed to help out incoming runners to the team, but beginner runners can use it to. Check it out and let me know what you think. I think it is in my signature, but I am not sure. http://www.tips4running.com I don't run much in the winter, cause I hate the cold in Wisconsin. But I'll be back out there in March.
                        My name is Mike and Im from Ohio. Ijust started running about 6 months ago because i got tired of being out of shape and partying. I ran a couple 5k races over the summer and even won my age group in one (20-29). It's now pretty cold here and i really enjoy running but it hurts my lungs to breath in cold air. Any suggestions other than a treadmill because i like the outside and its only going to get colder.
                        2009 Goals (nobody laugh) Run 800 miles or more Run 12 or more 5ks Run 2 10ks Get 5k times in 25's Run a 3 miler in 24:29 or less Run in HM in October
                          Hi. My name is Jim. I'm Canadian (Ottawa), living in Shanghai. I started cycling and then running about 4 years ago in Canada. I just did the Shanghai half marathon last weekend. It was a blast: a perfect, windless, cool sunny day, with around 20,000 runners. I'm going to start training for the Great Wall Marathon in a few weeks: lots of stair running, up & down my apt. building. Also, in Hong Kong there is a "King of the Mountains" marathon series that I have just started learning about. I gather they are all street-and-trail marathons in the hills in the Territories. I'm hoping by February I might be ready for a half.
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                            I'm Elly, single mom to 4 awesome kids. I didn't think I could/should run after tearing my ACL in 1990. I tore it cheerleading (YES, CHEERLEADING) and had reconstructive about 2 months later. After that, I didn't really return to exercising on a regular basis. In 2005, I started working out again because I wanted to get in shape. I was going through a divorce and decided I wanted to be a better role model for my kids, and my health was one thing I wanted for the sake of my kids and myself. I have been running about 5 times a week since. I ran my first half marathon last year and tons of smaller races since 2005. My goal is a marathon. The problem is I just don't have as much time as I did last year because I'm working quite a bit. I do find the time to workout 5 times a week.
                            Upcoming races: 10 miler, May 23rd Half marathon, Aug 2

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                              Welcome all! Several new members in the past few weeks! Come on in, join the insanity - don't forget to check out the user groups area for specific interests (coaching, marathon training, regional interests, etc.)


                                Hi everyone! Am fairly new to RA, and have been lurking the forums. I'm a 44-year old Federal govvy in Washington, DC, mom to 7-year old boy/girl twins, and have just started running on a regular basis since September this year. I ran the Alexandria Turkey Trot, and have signed up for the Geo Washington Parkway Classic (10-miler) in April 2009. I hope to be able to run a half-marathon within the next year, and a marathon within the next 2 years. But before I can do that I should buckle down and actually properly train for my upcoming 10-miler. Yes Glad to be here!