Best Places in the World to Be a Runner? (Read 865 times)


Barefoot and happy

    That article about Tor Aanensen and running in Norway got me thinking... In terms of geography, climate, and culture, where do you think are the best places to live if you're a runner?
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      Neat question. Cool I think there are probably two ways to answer it. One would be if you are a competitive (elite) athlete, and the other would be the rest of us. I think the answer for the second person could be just about anywhere you want (within reason). As for the answer for the first person... I have no idea. I expect you'll get answers like Colorado, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc based on a variety of things. But I am interested to see what others come up with.

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      You'll ruin your knees!

        Where ever you are! Put on your shoes and go run!

        ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

          I'm partial to San Diego. The weather is perfect 360 days of the year and we have tons of runner friendly paths throughout the city. I do wish I had the time and opportunity to do some higher elevation training and more trail running. I do some trails but I run alone and it's just not safe considering the amount of migrants and homeless people who camp out.
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            Where ever you are! Put on your shoes and go run!
            yeah that too! Big grin I'm always excited to run when we go on a trip somewhere.
            Jennifer mm#1231

            Just keep running...

              I think it depends on what type of running you do... I am partial Durango, (Given I think it is the greatest place in the world already) Heres why, It is a small mountain town and nearly everyone knows each other and is active. As a trail runner, I can run every day on a different trail within 5 minutes of my house. There are many local running clubs and groups that run all the time, Lots of local races where I see and chat with the same people. The weather is great. Its tough in the winter but thats when Im skiing and snowshoeing anyway. It is high elevation (my house is 6800Ft) which is real nice when going lower (I ran in Moab this weekend ~4500 Ft with noticeable difference.) I love singletrack trails and maintains and trees, all of which I get here in plenty...

                Where ever you are!

                Golden Buff

                  Colorado is pretty hard to beat. It always cools off on summer nights to at least 60 ish or lower, even if it's hot during the day so early morning runs are cool and dry. If you want to train in the heat, you can run at noon.(with lots of sunscreen) In the winter it's sunny most days so you can run without much wind or the heavy clothing that requires. The foothill trails are a great place for building leg strength and the scenery ain't bad either. Not much beats watching the sunrise light up the mountains during a morning run. The one bad thing is that you can't train for the humidity when you run races in other areas. Enough from the Colorado Visitor's Bureau.


                    ...is where i am the fastest one...in my dreams (not really, sad, even in my own dreams i'm not the fastest one Smile ).
                      I love running in Wellington. But then I love everything about Wellington so I guess thats no surprise Smile From home I can run on the hills, or along the bay. The tops of the hills have amazing views and the sea's mood changes every day. The city council have put 500m markers along the waterfront for 6.5km which makes interval sessions nice and easy. There are loads of other runners, cyclists, rollerbladers etc. Which means I don't feel like a freak for running which I very definitely did in the UK. But if I don't want to see them I can head for the hills and be completely on my own.

                      Looking gooooood ;p

                        Anywhere outside.....Treadmills suck Cool
                        The best route to run is one which takes you furthest from the staff canteen....
                          North Leominster, Massachusetts, where I live is pretty good. I run mostly at night so, enough of the streets are adequately lit & have sidewalks to avoid becoming roadkill. Winter can kind of suck but, what can you do? I try to get out of work early at least once a week for some trail running & there's a couple of decent forests within 10-15 minutes drive. Just got to pay attention to hunting season.
                            The greater Scranton area. We not only have singletrack trails, but tons of twisting doubletrack courtesy of all the quads. Strip-mined wastelands make great running surfaces, as well.

                            Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

                              Places I have enjoyed running... -Local High School Track (Rubber base) -Trinity Trail in Fort Worth, TX -Trail over near Union City, CA -Switzerland... huge sidewalks -PA were my paternal grandfather lived till I saw a big rotweiller