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    I vote for P90x also. Great core training. You will also use muscles that you never new you had.

      I agree with everyone that said losing body fat first will help with ab definition. I also find myself going back to crunches while on a BOSU ball as well as using a medicine ball while in a sitting position with legs straight out but slightly bent in front of you going from left to right tapping the floor next to your butt with the medicine ball in a twisting motion(does that make sense?). This seems to work the obliques well.

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        These are called "lowder's" named after a former captain for our cc team: 1 minute plank 30 seconds side plank 30 seconds side plank (opposite side) 30 seconds pushups 1 minute plank 30 seconds side plank 30 seconds side plank (opposite side) 30 seconds pushups 1 minute cruches with legs in the air 30 seconds side crunches 30 seconds side crunches (opposite side) 1 minute normal crunches 1 minute straigh leg crunches 30 seconds crunches with legs crossed (elbow to knee) 30 seconds crunches with legs crossed (elbow to knee)( opposite side) 1 minute of bicycles It's pretty hard, but it gets you in shape fast. The time can be adjusted depending on fitness level.


          I have a routine I do listed on my site. The two that I do that seem to work the abs the most are the Jackknife and the bicycle. The jackknife is really hard. Lay on your back and lift both arms and both legs up at the same time and touch your toes to your hands. The only thing touching the ground would be your lower back. The bicycle you probably already know. It's like a continuous crunch where you pedal your legs in the air and have your opposite elbows touch your opposite knees. Try doing that for a minute or longer and you'll feel the burn all over! Take care
            I do my ab workout first before I exercise (run, swim, bike, weights). My favorite is to hang from the captain's chair with a medicine ball between my feet & bring my knees to my chest. You can add a twist.
              I have been trying to find some ab exercises, but I can't find some that really work all of my abs or my lower abs. Does anyone know any good exercises?
              There are very few exercises that work all of the ab area, because there are 3 sets of muscles you need to hit: abs, transverse abdominus & obliques. The bicycle is one of the better for this, and the planks from a variety of positions as others have described. I like one that sort of combines crunches, reverse crunches, leg raises and the bicycle. On my back, with both feet off the ground, I simultaneously lift one leg almost perpendicular and reach for the ankle with my other hand (left leg, right hand, then vice-versa). Make sure you get both the hips & shoulders up off the floor for the whole time. Don't forget that a core routine should include lower back exercises: superman, the low back machines at the gym, etc. I think the key is to vary your core routine as much as possible. There are countless exercises.
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