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    I've used the Nike HJ020 Flight Sport headphones (behind the ear) for the last few years with good success with the exception that they don't last very long. I have owned at least 6 pairs in 3 years. For whatever reason, the right channel goes bad fairly quickly. On the other hand, my last pair lasted about a year until the right channel just went out again. Because of this, I'm searching for a recommendation on another style. I feel like I'm being drawn back to the Nike's because they are so comfortable while running. Best Buy use to carry these headphones but apparently doesn't anymore. Target carries a similar pair, but they are white. I like the black ones. Anyone have any good advise on a pair of headphones that will last more than a year that are comfortable to wear while running?


      I LOVE my Sennheiser MX-75s: Sweat-proof, nice sound, comfy, plenty of ambient noise gets through so that you can still hear cars, people, dogs, etc. Mine are a year old and still work wonderfully. k

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        I love the KOSS headphones I got for my daughter; the sound quality is sooo much better than my old Nike - I had a pair that came with my CD player. I plan to get a pair for myself asap! Check it out here: http://www.koss.com/koss/kossweb.nsf/p?openform&bc
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          I love these: http://www.monitoroutlet.com/product/10568.html They come in dark blue, green, dark orange, white, black..maybe a couple others, and can be found at Target, Long's Drugs, Fry's electronics. Cost is not $7 at the stores - more like $10. But they are cheap, and as long as you don't get the damp/wet they last pretty long (over a year).
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            I love these: http://www.monitoroutlet.com/product/10568.html ... Cost is not $7 at the stores - more like $10. But they are cheap, and as long as you don't get the damp/wet they last pretty long (over a year).
            I have been running with those Sony's for a year and a half. The sound is pretty good and they stay on well for me. I am on my third pair. I think I sweat too much for them. But that will probably be a problem with most phones. I am scared to spend $30+ on a set of phones that I am going to kill in 6 months. I find them locally (Mexico) for about $13.


              I love these: http://www.monitoroutlet.com/product/10568.html They come in dark blue, green, dark orange, white, black..maybe a couple others, and can be found at Target, Long's Drugs, Fry's electronics. Cost is not $7 at the stores - more like $10. But they are cheap, and as long as you don't get the damp/wet they last pretty long (over a year).
              I'll put in another plug for the cheap Sony's. They stay in my ears nicely and they're light enough that you don't even feel them mostly. I've got a cord clip from another pair that I use and move from pair to pair. I'm on my second in about 3 years. Bought one for my wife to work out with also. Cheap is good on headphones that you run in. As you've found out, they tend to go pretty quickly. I've got a pair of Shure that I commute in that have serious sound quality. Wouldn't want to run in them though.

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                I agree with zoom but I use these instead of the in-ear http://www.sennheiserusa.com/newsite/productdetail.asp?transid=500504 They work great and I have not had any problems with them at all
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                  I've gone through about 15 different El-cheapo headphones over the years.  I generally pay no more than $10 to $15 per set because I know they are going to break . . . usually because I sweat a lot during the summer.  A "Good" set lasts 6months.  I think I've only seen about 2 of those; their prices then rose past my mark.


                  Well, I've finally found a $10 set that has worked for about a year before giving up.  To me, that makes it Excellent.


                  These are wired.  Traditional jacks.  And, important for me, with hooks over my ears [I don't possess that genetic super-power that keeps earbuds in your ear . . . even if I'm sitting perfectly still, much less bouncing down a path].


                  Here they are:



                  I've ordered 8 pairs.

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                    Cylo Endurance wired earphones, $6 at Marshall's or $13 on Amazon. They also come in a wireless version.




                    I've had these for over a year, over 1500 miles. I know good quality sound, and these are great for their price; actually they would be great for $50. The thin ear loop holds them on if they should slip out of your ear, and doesn't interfere with sun-glass temples unlike those massive hard plastic ear loops. I like the siicone earbud style rather than the Yurbuds style that are supposed to fit in your ear; those always hurt after a while. I haven't had any of those ear pains with these, even on 3+ hour runs. The ear loop also makes it easy to run the cord down your back to a pocket if you want rather than across your chest.


                    I've had bad luck with cheap headphones before, with tinny sound or failed wiring after a while, but these are so good that I bought another two pair to wait in the wings for when they eventually fail or get damaged. I cannot justify spending more than $10-20 on running headphones because I know through experience that they will get damaged by sweat or a tree limb or something, or the cat will find them and chew on the cord. It's not worth it to spend extra $$$ on a hyped "name brand" set of headphones for running. For sitting at home listening to music yes, but not for working out.

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                      i've been very happy with a different strategy: buy more expensive earbuds that carry a really long warranty period. My RHA MA750 earbuds run a little over a hundred dollars, but the have honored their 3 year warranty several times for me in that period, and i got replacements earbuds when the cord frayed. I think i've got maybe three pairs in that time under the initial warranty. All i had to pay was shipping one way. But for me, the most important selling point is that they sound really good.

                      Quick search shows that they are now under a hundred on Amazon (Prime): https://www.amazon.com/RHA-MA750-Isolating-Premium-Headphone/dp/B00ELAM8LE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512847366&sr=8-1&keywords=rha+ma750


                        As other have, I have cycled through many brands. I have it down to two.


                        My regular cheap pair that I use regularly are these: AYL Headphones

                        I have had 3 AYL's in the almost 3 years of running. I like decent sound, and I have found AYL to be very good in that regard. I play music pretty loud, so I can still catch outside noise, but although not active noise cancellation the buds do block a good portion of the environment. I generally run from two locations (house or work) and am very familiar with my surroundings.


                        When I travel, and on occasion with my regular runs, I use these: IQBuds

                        I ordered these a year before they were sold (crowdfunding) and paid half price. I have problems hearing in crowded places and wanted to try something that isn't a hearing aid and costs thousands of dollars. For that purpose these work quite well. They also serve as a Bluetooth headset for phone and music. They have really good music quality, and I have the option to turn on or off the world, meaning if I'm running in a city I can turn on the world and hear my music and the world. If I'm in a quieter setting or around home I can turn off the world and they work like the AYL's. And these have no wires, and do not fall out.


                          Have you checked out the Aftershokz Trekz Air? Lightweight, great fit. No cord bounce like on bluetooth earbuds. My favorite feature is the Situational Awareness that these add. The technology is bone conduction, so you don't actually have anything in your ear, blocking out the sounds around you, which is great for running or biking. You do lack a bit in sound or volume quality, but what you make up in safety is immeasurable. Love these.


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